Last-Chance Readers Needed!

Ever Dreamed of Editing a Novel?

5 Fast Proofreaders Needed!

bachus_cvr_orngMy publisher — Hellgate Press — and I are coming into the home stretch of preparing my debut novel for the printer. Into No Man’s Land is just weeks away from hitting Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, and independent bookstores across the country. But I need your help!

The editing and production cycle for my book has been really fast, and I want to get this right. I’m asking anyone who would be willing to proofread the next-to-final draft of the book for any mistakes before this book goes to press.

It’s too far down the road for any major overhaul of characters and plot, but I would appreciate any volunteers who would be willing to read a PDF version of the book in its laid out format and report back any errors to me within 5 DAYS!

All I can offer in return is a FREE autographed copy of the book when it comes out, a “Thank You” in the acknowledgements page and the chance to be part of a creative milestone in one writer’s life. If you are interested, please contact me using the “Contact Rich” page on my new website Put “PROOFREADER VOLUNTEER” at the top of the message box and include your name, email address, and a few words about why you would like to help. I’ll pick the top 5 candidates for the job and send them the PDF so that they can get started.

Please return your comments within 5 DAYS of receiving your electronic copy of the book. Thank you for your time!

Warmest Regards,



  1. Tim Jardine

    I would love to but would never get it done in the five days. Instead of volunteering I will wish you well and look forward to picking up a copy at the book store. Good on you, Rich. The best with the project and cannot wait to have it in my hands.

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